Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ideas for Soap "Flavours"

Have you ever seen those handmade soaps that look so delicious you just wanted to take a bite out of them? I want to make those kind of soaps. There's nothing better than washing yourself and smelling like a dessert afterward!

Here are some of my ideas for flavors that I want to try to make!

Coconut Creme Pie. Mmmm. I would make the bottom of the bar look like pie crust, and then I would make the "filling" smell of coconut and mixture of vanilla, perhaps with some other scents thrown in... then to top it off, I would grate a coconut soap bar and sprinkle the shavings on top. Doesn't that sound delectable?

Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Again, Mmmm. I would take a pineapple soap bar (which would be yummy and yellow!), and try my absolute best to cut some pieces of the bar into 'pineapple chunks' and they would be the bottom of the cake... and then I would make a cakey/vanilla/pineapple mix for the rest of the soap. Oh yum.

Sugar Cookie. This is a easy one... vanilla goodness topped of with colorful sugar or sprinkles!

Birthday Cake. Almost the same as Sugar cookies, but I would have to make it more cakey. It would be topped with frosting, and it would be available in chocolate or vanilla flavored cake mix.

Apple Pie a la Mode. Yum! Again, pie crust, with apple, caramel, & cinnamon filling, with more crust on top... covered by a vanilla ice cream topping.

The Blondie. Totally spinired by the famous Blondie at AppleBees. Vanilla Cake, topped with ice cream, maple butter, and walnut.

Princess Cake. Inspired by and made especially for my niece, Charity!

Oh boy.. these are gonna be great to indulge in, especially since you won't have to worry about calories!! ;) More to come!! Peach cobbler, apple cobbler, chocolate cake, chocolate coffee cake...


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