Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Batch

It's been a few weeks since I've last posted. Mostly its because I don't have as much access to the internet as before. Now I'm only to get on at least once a week. My parents have wifi and sometimes I stay over during the day and surf the net, researching soapmaking, daydreaming of Twilight... you know, that kind of stuff. Haha. But my mom's is also where I do my soapmaking.. there's just more room here and so are all the tools I need. Phew, anyway, what I was trying to say was I haven't had a chance to make another batch.

Yes, that's right. I said another batch. I have made two one-pound batches in the last month, and they turned out okay. The first was a goats milk melt and pour. I made it pineapple/hawaiian vacation scented. I like it all right. Its not my favorite. It didn't turn out pretty either. At first, we could'nt get the base to melt properly. Then I added mica powder for coloring... that didn't go well. After the soap hardened, it just turned my skin brown...haha. So I remelted it (this time in the microwave, and that made it so much easier!) and I made sure to stir it well, then let it re harden and it turned out all right. Now random bars sit throughout my house and my parents house, wherever there are sinks. LOL.

The second batch turned out better! I used Brambleberry's white base. Melted it in the microwave, and then set aside half of the mixture. One half of the mixture I put yellow food coloring, and pineapple cilantro fragrance oil. In the other mixture, I added coconut fragrance. I then poured the yellow pinapple mix into the mold, let it sit for a bit, sprayed the top with rubbing alcohol, and then poured on the white coconut mix. Then I sprinkled on some of the pineapple/coconut I had grated before over the top. I let it sit for a while, and voila. I had made some pretty pina colada soap. It would have turned out awesome if I would have used a better mold. I made the mistake of using my mom's glass oaf bar that she makes meat loaf in, so the bars turned out all weirdly square round. But that's okay, since the soap turned out okay.

So I guess I had better luck the second time around. Next time I'm going to try to make a shampoo bar. Its going to be mango mint... like a recipe from Marie browning. I've got castor oil and EVOO to add into it. I'm not sure if M&P bases are good for shampoo bars, but I'm going to try anyway. Wish me luck!


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